Be Positive on Social Media

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March 19, 2014 by Brian Davis




Have you heard about this new study recently conducted by the University of San Diego? According to researchers, positive social media posts can give your own mood a little boost. In other words, reading a happy Facebook post makes you feel pretty good. 

The team of researchers analyzed data from millions of Facebook users over the course of a number of years. They even figured out that the weather (like a gloomy rainy day) has a direct influence on the emotions of a user’s posts, even increasing the number of negative posts by friends connected to that person.

                        Be Positive on Social Media: Using Facebook to Spread Good Cheer

“For every one person affected directly, rainfall alters the emotional expression of about one to two other people, suggesting that online social networks may magnify the intensity of global emotional synchrony.”

On the other hand, spreading good news and cheer travels far too, as the study suggests that one person’s happy post typically led to positive news by two additional people. In a nutshell, you can spread good cheer! According to the study’s Author, James Fowler, “While it’s true that there are always people out there who might influence our mood, we also have the capacity to influence other people’s mood.”

So what do you think? 

Is it possible to make your friends day by simply posting something positive?

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